Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Life today has almost been as scarey as the movie!
I got a phone call this morning saying my boys got off the bus and immediatly started fist fighting. Bruiser somehow convinced the principle that he was totally innocent. Not sure how he accomplished that, but he knows better than to try it with me. I got th real story out of him. He was mad at Butch for keeping him in line so he started kicking him. Butch got sick of being kicked so he doubled up a fist and punched his brother in the face. What a day! I hae an appointment with the principal on Monday so Bruiser will be getting detention along with Butch. He isn't going to skip out on punishment when he was just as much at fault.
I have been on the phone all day with various chores and rescue stuff so the house is still a mess. Guess who gets to spend their evening (possibly the whole weekend, hrmmm that has potential!) cleaning? Not Mom! There are a ton of chores to be done, I hope it makes them think twice about losing their temper.

Maggie and Lila have had similar days. I wonder what it would take to just rent an island for a while?


  1. That is sort of hilarious but then again it isn't my problem to deal with.

  2. Well it IS kind of rare when you get called to the principal's office and you are the only parent there!

    On the bright side, my house is pretty clean after a full day of slave driving :)


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