Monday, November 16, 2009

Yeah my friday the 13th sucked lemons.

As Gracie said my Friday the 13th had some lovely moments. It all started that morning. I had been up off and on with Squeak as she is teething so we slept through the alarm. (Very rare for me.) Then I woke and got Bug up and set her to getting ready for school while I got Squeak and I ready for the day. I was going to register my truck in our new home state and get my local driver's liscense so had to gather the proper things like my SSN card to prove I am me, birth certificate as another form of ID, marriage certificate to prove my name change, previous license and registration, vehicle insurance card with proof of meeting state laws. Took Bug to school and headed into town. One joy of our location is a freeway that is never full of traffic between our usual point of travel. Such a change from ther PNW. I went to the bank to withdrawl cash to pay the fees wich were huge but nessecary. Went to a check station for emissions testing, went to a VIN verification station and then headed to the DMV. There were a ton of people but I was early in the day and it seemed to be a hive of comings and goings. Hubs said he figured I would have an hour tops which is why I did it rather than him, it would be easy to do. Yeah I hate to wait in line for 30 min to get my number and have the information desk review my paperwork. I was assigned G228. I looked at the board to see us on G150. OMG!! Also was told I needed my tags of my truck so I could surrender them for in state tags. Pushed the strolled back out to my truck, dug for a screw driver and removed the tags while being honked at because people wanted my spot and were mad I wasn't actually leaving. Hurry back in because the info guy said it would be quick and if I missed my number I would have to start over. Yeah it was on G153. So I sat, with a 10 month old, and waited. And waited. And waited some more. 3 hours later and I got called forward. Baby is screaming, has eaten all of her snacks and is mad as a hornet because I haven't nursed her and she hasn't gotten her nap. Took 15 minutes to actually do my business of registering my car and doing the eye exam for my DL. Then I have to go wait in another line to have my picture taken. Baby has wailed herself to sleep, people are giving me dirty looks, I was a wreck. Got out of there and treated myself to a thin mint blizzard at DQ. Man those are good. I have decided that next time Hubby can go to the DMV or he can keep the kiddo with him.

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