Thursday, April 5, 2012

Burning Bridges (very off topic)

Is it really a bridge burnt if the person you have cut out of your life was hurtful and untrustworthy? I feel more loss about certain four legged creatures that are in this person's posession then I do about her. I know now that I will never see them again and that stings a little. Not that I would have seen them before this, but the possibility was still there.

She was someone who continuiously stabbed my best friend in the back and just when the wounds started to heal, she would twist the knife......just so. I kept the contact, first because I had to. Then because she was benificial to a cause I love. But this latest twist of the knife was too much. Now it's just being vindictive.

So I go to bed wondering......what next? When will she turn on me? (because she will) What does she have up her sleeve? Who will she go after next? I don't think she has any way to do me harm, we run in different circles. But I didn't think she could do what she did to my friend either.

This latest attack could have financially ruined my friend. It was a situation that was being resolved, she just wanted to see if she could get one last fly in the ointment. It didn't work, she was a minor inconvience at best. But I wonder, why did she think we could be friends when she is hurting this person I have come to love as a sister? Did she think she could get information from me? What exactly did she expect would happen? Did she really think I didn't know?

I guess I am just a little confused by the two faces I have seen from her. She acts very friendly and supportive when she speaks to me. But she simply cannot let my friend live in peace. She constantly has to keep her on edge wondering when the other shoe will drop.

The only way this could end is the way it did. I have had enough. I am not going to sit by and pretend I don't know what a lying, conniving, manipulating, back stabbing cow she really is.

I have too much on my mind, I think it's time for a little lead therapy.


  1. Oh, just as I tell my newly minted concealed carry permit holders "if it feels wrong it probably is". Do not spend anymore time with this person. I hate to be so blunt, but if you have reservations now, how much more better will it be 5 years later down the road?

  2. I am very sorry you are having to deal with this person. No fun, but I am glad you were strong enough to walk a way!

  3. Gracie, I look at this like. Would I continue to take a medication that has limited benefits, but horrible side effects?

    Sure it may address the original issue. However in the mean time it gives you constant diarrhea, vomiting, hives, won't let you sleep any, bloodshot eyes, brittle fingernails, etc, etc etc.

    Then you find out there's another medication that will fix the issue and not cause the other issues.

    It's not much of a decision in the long run, is it?

  4. OH THE DRAMA! Thanks for the kind words, it helps me feel better about a decision I know was right. I "unfriended" her from facebook and she is having a total fit about it. She is now threatening to sue my friend for money she has some disillusion should be hers. She is reading me the riot act for not asking her about the situation.. I don't need to ask her, I was there when it happened. I just hope this doesn't come back to bite us both in the ass.

  5. this kid of thing has to be cut out like a Tumor. you cut out a tumor and walk away because all it does is cause trouble down the road. your friend knows you are there for her and thats what matters!

  6. I don't consider removing habitually toxic people from my life to be "burning bridges".

    You have to set some serious boundaries with those folks. I don't see a need to be nasty about it, just remove them from your social circle. Life is too short.


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