Friday, April 27, 2012

How not to move a beehive

My husband decided to move the hive night before last while I was at cub scouts. I got a call from Butch saying I needed to hurry home because Dad had been stung. He only got stung twice and was ok, but the video explains a LOT!


  1. I like the way the smart kid bailed on ol' dad before the bees got really mad! One fast and astute exit.

  2. Sow hat happened? I see he has the straps on and then the hive tipped. Did the entrance blocker come out?

    I always tape the entrance blocker in place so it won't come out.

  3. LoL did he have it sitting on a lawnmower? pretty funny I must say


  4. You're braver than most. The only way I'd move a beehive would involve a backhoe and a full body suit of kevlar.

  5. PP, that is exactly what happened. He was using the entrance feeder to block part of the opening and a sock to block the rest of it. His leg knocked the feeder out and the bees poured out to defend their home.
    Anon, yes, that is a lawnmower. Apparently the 10 year old helper suggested it and Dad thought it was a good idea. *facepalm*
    Brigid, I promise it doesn't take all of that, just some common sense and adult supervision :)


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