Monday, April 9, 2012

Just random rambling

Yesterday was the nicest, warmest day we have had so far this year. We had a nice dinner with a friend and her family and then loaded up all of the kids and guns (for some reason the "kids and guns" combo always makes me smile) and went out to the desert for some fun. Hubby set up the AR and the .22 while my friend and I set up some targets for our handguns. Next thing you know, bullets are flying an everyone is having a blast! I need some serious practice with my gun before I am anywhere close to being ready to take my concealed carry test. Oh well, at least the practice is fun.
I got to shoot my friends Ruger 9mm and her husbands XDM Springfield .45 (holy smokes! That thing is LOUD). My gun kicks worse than either of theirs, lol. We all got to shoot the AR and my friend's husband has decided he really wants on of those!
We forgot hearing protection and now have a slight problem. Hubby has some painful ringing in his ears. I used some essential oils, and it worked......for a few minutes. He is still having problems with it today at work. If he is still not better by friday, I will get him an appointment with the audiologist.

My mouth is almost healed to the point where it feels normal. Last night though I had a shard of bone make it's way down and out through my almost healed gums. Argh. I hope that doesn't happen again. I have lots of the bone graft coming out, but those are small sand like grains, not at all painful. This piece last night though was SHARP!

Hubby has decided to build a few more beehives. We want to buy more bees this year as well as split my hive. He has built everything except the foundation. He has decided to jump right into this rather than sit back and watch me do it. He ordered a veil for himself and everything. Now I need to find a bee repellent for my son to wear outside. I have a bunch of essential oils I am going to try. I know lemongrass attracts them, but I think I can find one to repel them as well. Hopefully I can figure it out because I have several ideas of where I can use that. I can use it to keep them out of the chicken feed, I can use it to keep us from getting stung, and I can use it to clear the bees out of a super I am collecting honey from. I will let you know as soon as I figure that one out, lol.

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  1. It sounds like a very good time, even if you're still having a little difficulty with healing.

    Beehhives. Post some pictures of that. I'd love to see how that works.


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