Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Funny

Taking the concept of open carry to a whole new level!!! In Walmart, where you never know when someone is going to get you! Hehehe. Do have to cheer for the open carry though. Nice job Walmart guy!


  1. I completely support the right of open carry. I understand those who do it and admire their political consciousness. For myself, I carry concealed. Number one, I am not so politically active at 59 as I was once. Number two, I figure the bad guys not knowing I have a gun gives me some slight advantage I wouldn't have otherwise.

  2. I am a fan of open carry. My guy worries that around here it would make me too much of a target in public so I limit it to our adventuing and will do concealed asap. I do think the biggest pro is the activism of it and maybe for women not having to fuss as much with wardrobe to conceal properly.

    Concealed has a much better advantage protection wise. Definitly a time and place for both these days. Especially around here. Open carry can be more trouble than it is worth.


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