Monday, May 16, 2011

Now the circus will begin again!!

Those that have been with us for a very long time know me as the children. One of the reasons the Caylee Anthony case made me so upset was because of the complete lack of caring her mother seemed to show. I know every one displays emotion differently and everyone reacts differently but not reporting her child missing for a month and then not participating in searches or even acting like she cared just boggled my mind. For months the country watched riveted as information about this woman came out. Stolen checks, lies, partying days after her baby disappeared. The media went wild because the country was outraged.

The time has come for the trial because during that firestorm little Caylee's body was found and evidence seemed to point right back to her mother. Once again the circus has started up and this time I have to say it kind of ticks me off. CNN has had coverage daily of jury selection. Potential jurors are being dismissed because of reason ranging from the believable to the crazy. One even joked about a potential book coming from a jury duty experience on facebook. I mean really? You haven't even heard anything yet.

I am all about justice. I think that certain crimes deserve the maximum punishment. I wavered on this for a very long time and then I had my children and I knew that if someone had murdered my child or someone I loved there would be no better punishment in my mind then death. This is a capital case so the death penalty is on the table as I think it should be.

I also though feel compassion for the rest of the Anthony family. They lost a sweet baby girl that year and have had to deal with the media and the fact that one of their own is on trial for it. They deserve some privacy. It is them that I think deserve some respect. Sure some of the supposed news may be true of an abusive father and demanding mother but that alone did not create the woman Casey Anthony turned out to be. My husband comes from a family of 7. All raised in the same family and every single one as different as can be. Parents play a part but the choices a child makes also plays a part. Yes they will have to take some personal responsibility and I am sure over the past couple years since this happened they have battled some demons. They are going to sit through a trial of their daughter for the murder of their granddaughter. They should be able to do that is relative peace. It is for them that I wish the circus would back off a bit. I know it is a fruitless hope but a girl can always hope right?

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  1. It's that kind of a world now. No matter how horrible, any event like this is grist to the mill for the MSM. There are a lot of people who dote on this kind of thing.


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