Saturday, May 21, 2011


We are big on teaching gun safety to the girls. If weapons are in the house they need to know the rules. They have seen all three of us adults carry when we are desert combing and Bug has her rifle. We answer questions when asked. So..........

Today while walking through the house to the bathroom for the 5869203486945 time (potty training is awesome) Monkey smacked the front door. *Our front door has a large window with this bubble stuff so it is not see through but does show shadows and the outlines of things on the other side.* She then dashed in to do her business with me right behind her. While on the toilet she looks at me with huge brown eyes and says, "Mommy you shoot dem scaries!"

For a while now the trees in the yard moving around have given my sweet very sensitive 2-year-old the creeps and apparently she has reached the point where knowing that Mommy is the protector from bad things I am now to shoot the scary trees so they no longer are scary. Sweet angel. I wanted to just scoop her up! I told her that as long as the scaries stay out of the house they can't hurt her but if anything scary comes in to hurt her she has my promise to protect her every way I can.


  1. My daughter is now 24. There are still scaries out there in the world, but she has to guard herself against them. I provided her with the appropriate training, in terms of martial arts and firearms proficiency. I still make sure she has the appropriate tools. But I still wish I could scoop her up and protect her.

  2. I think it is great that your introduction to being aware of self-protection starts at an early age. Even your little one should be aware of the dangers in the immediate surroundings.

  3. Thanks for the comments y'all. My guy and I are pretty protective so we make sure that both girls are very aware of dangers. We've gotten some flack for not sheilding them but honestly I would prefer them both already knowing and asking questions than being caught unaware in a situation. Kids today are exposed to drugs, sex, violence, and predetors at younger ages than ever before. So my girls are going to be educated and know they can always trust me to be there.

  4. Good, Lila - I wish more parents were this wise.


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