Saturday, May 28, 2011


We actually got a garden in the ground this year. I didn't bother with starting seeds indoors as our weather is too unpredictable and crazy. Hubby and I built raised beds and a PVC framework that we could cover with plastic to make our own mini greenhouses. He figured out a way to incorporate a sprinkler system so it self waters too! We got two boxes built and planted along with a few rows of corn and some squash we simply planted in the yard. We got three rows of corn in the ground and four potato plants.



^Green house^


  1. That looks really good. I just plant mine under the sky, I'd like to have a green house like that but my animals would destroy it in short order.

  2. I would love to plant mine right in the ground, but our climate doesn't allow for that. We actually got a really intense hail storm this afternoon that would have destroyed the whole garden had it not been covered. I am still crossing my fingers that this works and that we have a long enough growing season to actually get produce this year.


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