Monday, May 30, 2011

Boys will be boys

I was reading an blog today about how hard it is for a boy to be a true boy.

Hubby and I have already been talking about our plans for teaching the boys survive if something were to happen. This blog just reinforced my decision to let my boys be boys.....within reason. I DO want to know where they are going. And I don't let them cross a particular road because they don't look for traffic.
Anyway, on to my summer plans. We are going to be doing A LOT of hiking. Each trip we are going to go a little further and push the envelope a little more. We are going to teach them to build a fire without matches. We are going to teach them how to build a shelter with what is at hand. I am going to teach them what native plants are edible and on one trip we will not take any food.
My boys are all boy and I kind of like it that way.


  1. I was a boy in the 50's, thank God. Sounds like you have the right stuff for raising yours, though.

  2. Despite being an adult male that screams like a little girl around bees (I have a phobia) I wrote an article on the same general things about being a man:

  3. I absolutely love that post North! I think it is spot on. Women got so wrapped up in equal this and oppressed that that they turned their men into door mats. There are for sure moments where it drives me nuts when Hubby pushes me behind him but I also love him for it. Men need to be men, our girls deserve that. I hope I teach my girls to settle for nothing less than a man like their father.


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