Friday, March 2, 2012

Awesome girly backstraps for your gun!!

So I stumbled onto this great gal who takes the removable backstraps and adds some wicked flare. Color, style, affordable!!  I am loving her. I was super sad because my gun was not one she worked with but when I mentioned my disappointment we got to chatting. I think she is going to do some for me! I am stoked. I love her black and purple swirls design. Now I can have some color to my gun but still have my gun. All the options out there for girl guns tend to be pink, not for a lefty, and not FMS friendly. So if you have removable backstraps and want some customization to your gun go check her out. She is on Facebook or sells through Gun Goddess!


  1. Do they glow in the dark??? :-)

  2. She actually does make some that glow. She does all sorts of colors and patterns. So she isn't just for girls really heh. I am just excited!

  3. That's pretty awesome. I'm all for customization. Nothing like adding that personalization.

  4. I really like those. Girly, but not over the top. She does good work. Offers very high quality items!


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