Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tactical but fashionable?

So I am wanting a bag/purse to carry. Not for my gun but for all those things you men carry on your belts and some others hehe. I want to carry my knife, baton, flashlight and any other items I might need fast in exterior pockets and then other stuff interior. Water, snack, baby wipes, glow sticks, fire starter, any other items that might be useful in a stranded scenario but not really as a defense. Finding a bag is proving hard. I have a friend who sells Thirty-One stuff and is a cops wife who has some ideas. *Awesome personalized organization and chick stuff btw for you guys who want gift ideas!! She is happy to ship* Anyway that is a big possibility right now. Most things I find are either guy oriented, ugly carry purses, or really plain. Nancy R. thought diaper-bag which is another good thought. They make some great possibilities these days that aren't kid themed. Usually have great exterior storage. Hmmm..... any ideas? This is one I know a few women carry but then make a bit girly. As you can tell it is hideous.


  1. I'm glad I don't have to haul all my stuff in a purse. I usually wear a photographer vest to put stuff in. It carries what I want, and I always know what pocket something is in. Too bad they don't make some feminine versions for women.

  2. Check out Coronado Leather, they have some stuff you might like!

  3. Thanks y'all!! Thanks Bob for the award as well!!

  4. Thanks for mentioning me! I love this blog, because we are survival prepping, too.


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