Monday, March 5, 2012

MRE Thoughts

JW wants to add some MRE's to our food storage. I honestly have no idea where to look, who sells the best tasting for the best [rice. I am a novice here!! Any thoughts?


  1. As someone who has lived off MRE's in the field for extended periods I think they are way overrated. Their only real advantage/benefit is they are extremely portable meals. If you have a home or camp site traditional meal sources are far more cost effective, and more tasty.

  2. Here is some great info on MREs:

    I have several cases on hand. They are not bad!

  3. As to where to buy them I am not sure. A lot of folks sell them.

    To figure out what you like and dislike I would order a variety of the snacks and entre's which sound good and have everybody sample them. If you are buying cases you can't pick and choose but if you buy singles you could.

    I like the tuna, the breakfast one, the chicken breast and chili mac.

  4. MRE's are a good stopgap, if there is a short disaster to reset period. I have a case I got from an AT I did a few years ago. Cheaper than Dirt sells civilian versions.

    That said, I'd rather have a vegetable garden and rabbits and squirrels I can hunt.

    There are rabbits and squirrels in my area, and I know next to nothing about gardening. But I'll learn. I'll send you a couple if you wanna try them.

  5. Never hurts for to have some different options. Remember, MRE are not the lightest option. A couple of cases won't break the bank and you can try them to see what you think.

    My personal preference is Mountain House Freeze dried foods. ( I have use these for well over a decade. They are light weight, long lasting and tasty. You can buy them individually, give some of those a try as well.


  6. Hubby wants them just for another option. Help round things out in a short term bug out situation. Thanks for all the info guys. Y'all are great!!

  7. For a bug out? Yeah, I guess, if you want another option, but I'm perfectly happy spelling "MRE" as "GORP." It's worked for me for 50 years, I don't see why it won't work for another 50.

    Although weight is a concern, the main issue is really palatability and I find it palatable indefinitely in all conditions. If you can stand the weight throw in a can or three of Dinty Moore Beef Stew. Remember, it's only heavy until you eat it. You can get everything you need at *Mart.

    Or maybe I'm just showing my age.


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