Monday, March 26, 2012

Canner conundrum.

<p>My sweet sister-in-law is due to have a baby soon and I am going to go help out. To prepare I am making some of my usual canned goods to take. I did spaghetti sauce Saturday. About halfway through the pressure all of the sudden lessens and my weight slows. I scrubbed it well and looked it over. There were no leaks from the seal as it cooked and other wasn't looking weird. I figured it was a fluke. Today I put in some tortilla soup. 7 quart jars. The max for my canner.  With 20 minutes left the pressure started to yo-yo. Never changed the heat but the pressure went up and down. Any ideas? Do i just need to replace the whole shebang? Did i do something wrong ? Is there some upkeep I don't know about? It is a presto pressure cooker /canner. 7 quarts. It is not even 3 years old yet.


  1. Check around any rivets, soldered and/or brazed mounts, & screws that mount the handles to the pot.
    We had one that did a similar thing; when the metal expands from the heat, a crack or some such will grow, releasing pressure.
    Ours was a lot older than 3 though... good luck!

  2. Tightened, cleaned. Still being dumb. Grrrrr.........


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