Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lila's Home Adventures

So this week was filled with paint and baseboards. The area Lowe's was kind enough to match the paint for us. To bad they matched it wrong, so touch up turned to full painting duty. We did all of my office and then installed the baseboards. They look great compared to the old cheap stuff.

Then last night the AC went out. SUCKY. I don't think any of us slept much. I know I spent 2 hours pacing with Miss Teether at 3 AM. This morning we found a great cooling guy to come and replace the intake motor costing a nice chunk of change. Upside is the house is cool again and we are able to hide from the heat.

While scouring the house for any info on the AC unit I did find a book that says exactky what brand and shade of paint is on our walls so hopefully Lowe's suckiness will be in the past and touching up will be all the rest of the rooms require.

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