Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Like Lila, I excited for this hunting season! Not only because it means a plethora of home-soaked and smoked elk jerky (JERKY!) and venison steaks, but because all my little hunters are emptying out their deep freezes to make room for the new! Yesterday, a friend of mine stopped by and dropped off 5 lbs (in 1lb wraps) of ground venison for me to have! Sa-weeet! He's also getting me a couple cords of wood for the winter, but that's a whole 'nother thing.

My own problem is, although I've had enough venison and elk and moose (yum, moose...) to be bursting at the gills, I've yet to really cook it myself. I know venison can be amazing, but I'm worried about the gamey taste a little bit with feeding the Boy. I'm not sure he'll notice, but this meat has been in a deep freeze for almost a year and I'm not sure how that will affect the taste.

Anyone have any wondrous sage advice or forewarning I should know about?


  1. I don't give old meat away until the new meat is in.

    Some meat is gamey and some isn't. I don't think sitting in the freezer causes that. I think it has more to do with the animal's diet and age and if it was wounded and ran a long distance and how well the meat was cared for after the animal was down and for all I know it may vary from animal to animal regardless of all that.

    My wife uses it just like beef and we love it. When we have to use beef (when family comes to visit - you'd be surprised how childlike a 70 year old can be) I'm always put off a little by all the grease and fat.

    I'd just throw it in a pan or crock pot and try it. Keep spices handy. A crock pot and vegetables can make an old shoe taste good.

    Good luck.

  2. The hubs says the longer and harder the chase the more gamey the meat will taste. I tend to believe him since he is the life long hunter (He was born on the hunt, lol.) I plan on using all the meat just like I would beef for spaghetti and stew and steak and what ever else we have, lol. You are an awesome cook so I am sure you will do great.


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