Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Slutty Cyrus?

I can't even believe I'm blogging about stupid Miley Cryus. A small piece of my soul withers up and dies any time someone mentions her or her multiple personalities. But she's a big hit on the celebrity gossip sites and tabloids, and well, I might read several of them. Maybe, but I'm not admitting anything.

Most of this started when some time ago, when doing a shoot for Annie Leibovitz a controversial photo of her 'topless' was taken and released. She and her parents released statements expressing their "shock" and yata yata blah blah blah. I think it's a crock of bull. It's Annie Leibovitz (one of the most successful fashion photographers in the world). My guess is she was all for it.

Next, someone hacked into her phone, and released several racy photos onto the Internet. REALLY not impressive of someone who is 15 (I think at the time) but whatever. Sounds like something her parents need to take care of. It isn't for us to judge her. Not to mention, many everyday 15 year olds are doing MUCH worse. Like I said, not impressed, but really people? Calling her a slut and a whore I'm sure is going to make her change her opinion of herself, right?

Last week, Miley performed on the Nickelodeon Teen Choice awards. I didn't watch it, I'm not a teen and really I don't care. The next morning, every site I'm on is screaming "Miley Cyrus was pole dancing!". I ignored it for a while, but today I was bored and curious so I found a video on YouTube. I will give it to the critics, I'm a mom albeit a young one and I wouldn't want my 7-10 year old to see this. But I have more of a problem with her bra hanging out and her ass hanging out of her shorts (after all the girl is 16!) then her 'pole' dancing. But then again, when I was 16 I don't think I wore much more then a bikini the whole summer. Honestly I think if someone had had to brains to add a collapsed umbrella to the pole no one would have said a thing.

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  1. It looked like an honest mistake.

    The "pole" was on an "ice cream cart" - a prop. The pole was there for her to hang onto as the cart rolled around the stage - the moving platform is a frequent gimmick for Cyrus. Notice she did nothing with the pole but hang onto it. That was *not* a pole dance.

    As for the bra - that isn't that unusual for kids to wear bras out in the open. Even women into their thirties.

    I was happier to see the bra, than the top hanging about her breasts, as that outfit would have done.

    Notice the backless costume theme among her "crew" - her top was unexceptional, I guess, but was *not* made to be moving around much. I think the bra was a reasonable compromise.

    Don't get me wrong - I figure underwear is underwear, and I don't "get" wearing an outfit that lets bra straps or other parts show. I see this as about as attractive as britches drooping below the bloomers - male or female.

    The biggest problem I have with Miley Cyrus is her muddy diction. There are too many words in her songs that I can't make out what they are. She depends too much on her fans being familiar with the words - this is a matter of lack of skill in singing clearly, or lack of courtesy and respect.

    The Vanity Faire shoot Miley did with Annie L. - Annie talked her into it, and Miley reported finding it enjoyable, at the time, just realizing what it might mean to her Disney contract later on. Of course, this diversion and the bare shoulder shot might have been a crass publicity stunt, the way Michael Jackson seemed to get accused of child molesting when he had an album coming out. Only Miley didn't involve kids.

    The slut criticism of that performance is quite unfair, a tired complaint looking for attention.


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