Sunday, August 30, 2009

What's the norm these days?

So as all of you know we recently relocated to the beautiful, hot, vast desert. Honestly I like it in a lot of ways. We have a wonderful house, we are is easy driving distance of family, we are in easy driving distance to some awesome places like the Grand Canyon and Disneyland. I also have mentioned how the people seem so different. It is holding fairly true. Hubs and I are very down to earth and easy going. We would rather go to a movie than a club. We would rather I be home than I work just to have what others view as more. We like playing games and relaxing with our kids. So far not many people I have met feel like we do. It is hard to make friends here, even for the Hubs. He is a great guy and he likes to have connections. He likes knowing the bank teller's name or visiting with the gas station clerk. We are great friends with a store owner from the PNW. so it is hard for us to find our footing here. Finding people who love what we love, who hold life above things and money seems to be as elusive as snow. Hmmmm. Here's hoping it gets better.

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