Sunday, August 16, 2009


I love and hate possibilities.

This past weekend was spent with extended family celebrating the baptism of one of my nephews. We also went to the local county fair. My husband and I try very hard to do things we not only enjoy but that the kids will love. we love the carnivals. Sure the games are rigged, lol, and the rides more expensive than needed but that is part of the fun. We had saved so we could treat all the nieces and nephews to the carnival. We bought 210 ride tickets, passed them out, and set them loose. None of the children except my daughter Bug had ever been on the rides of a carnival. WOW. The eldest was 13. How is that possible? Now of course we are the coolest aunt and uncle around, lol.

Anyway that night I also had the opportunity to reflect on the possibilities. People, things, places can come along in our lives offering us the chance to experience them. Sometimes it is not a real chance, merely a glance at the potential. For me this possibility came in the form of a child we were to adopt before the mother changed her mind. This was the first time I had seen the child in person and I found my arms aching for her. It was as if just that possibility over a year ago made her mine even though she was not with me. Her circumstances are not the best right now and I could not help but reflect on how much better her life would be if she were with us.


  1. That is SO COOL that you have become the "Kickass Aunt & Uncle", because we all need one of those.

    Congrats, and Best Wishes!

  2. Lol, Thanks! I know Hubs and I love the role. We tend to be the cool parents too because we try so hard to do things we all enjoy rather than just adult fun we drag the kids too.


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