Thursday, November 10, 2011

Erasing scent in a tracking situation.

Okay. So I created a problem. I can solve it using paranormal means if I want because those elements are in the book but I want to do it in a more survivalist way. The crime Samantha is solving in Jackson WY is that 3 girls have gone missing. Each on different days doing different things but in the same general area around a lake near town. Part of why Sam was called to investigate was because the tracking dogs can track the scent for so long and then it is as if the children vanish into thin air. No more scent. No clothes recovered. I can get creative and go all paranormal if I want. After all Sam is a shapeshifter and one family has a father who is psychic. Out there is acceptable in my world. BUT I really do want to have survival stuff in the book. So thoughts? Ideas? All girls will be found alive at the end but captive.


  1. Just brain storming here, so some are a little more ... off the wall than others.

    Crossing a stream would put a small break in the trail, but walking upstream in the middle of the stream would break it even better.

    Along those lines, get in a boat to cross a river/lake/stream.

    Climb a tree and go from tree to tree like it was a highway (if the environment's conducive to this).

    Cayenne pepper spray at the point where you want to break the trail. While it doens't make the trail just disappear, it does screw with the dogs' noses.


  2. By a lake, you say... Water masks scents, underwater cavern, maybe? Short swim to dry area inside?

    Just a thought.

  3. Sham I like the Cayenne thought. It is one she would discover when she does a shift to do her own scent tracking and would be a good addition to the investigation.

    TCA I actually really like that too. There is another lake farther up. I have been trying to decide how to hide my bad guy and I might just use that.


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