Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day!

Today is such a special day. My life is filled with soldiers both active and retired. Some of my amazing blog friends fall into this category but in my personal life as well I see the beauty and strength that fills a soldiers life daily, even when he or she hangs up the dog tags. My grandfather served as did my uncle. My grandfather never spoke of his service to me. In fact the only time I can remember him ever discussing his experiences in the Navy was to my cousin for a school project. He took her into his office, closed the door, and talked about it with her but said his talking of it would not leave the room. My uncle was Air Force and went to the Academy. He was a pilot and carried that into civilian life to a career with United. I never heard his thoughts as well. I find that commendable. To me a true hero does not flaunt their deeds because to them they aren't heroic deeds. They are deeds that were done to defend their country and the people they love. It was a job and an honor. They don't look for praise. The memories often hurt even as they fill with pride. They do what needs doing and then they come home and they put everything they can into loving their families and their country. I currently have a couple friends serving. The author of our brother blog is on deployment now. My nephew is stationed in Germany. A couple of my best friends are military wives and they show me that today is not only about the warriors that defend us but the families that support them. To all the people that I care about who serve or have served, THANK YOU!! Your sacrifice makes this blog possible, it makes my life possible and nothing I can say or do will ever convey the depth of my gratitude.

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  1. NFO You are welcome. My clumsy fingers accidentally erased your comment by hitting delete rather than approve on my phone's tiny screen.


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