Tuesday, November 22, 2011

You go gunnie! Burglar gets a treat!

Local burglar took home more than he planned on. I had been posting my Weerd inspired "Gun Death" posts but here in Vegas and surrounding areas gun running is a very lucrative business. So more often than not I can find a dumb arsed criminal using an illegal gun. Yeah laws didn't stop them but they also don't deserve my blog space. Then I saw this headline.

Son checks father's home, shoots burglar who escapes.


 Love it!!! 

A son checking on his father's home in the northern valley interrupted a burglary and shot and wounded the burglar Monday night, Las Vegas police said.
The incident occurred at 6:19 p.m. at a home on the 6600 block of North Tenaya Way, near Ann Road, said Lt. Hans Walters.
Walters said the son checked on his father's home and saw signs of a burglary. The father was away.
The son saw the burglar who had a flashlight and possibly a weapon. He shot the intruder once in the leg.
Walters said the suspect fled, leaving a blood trail. As of 8:30 p.m., police were searching the nearby desert area for a suspect.
Walters said the man who shot the intruder appeared to be within his legal rights to do so.

So nice when a stupid SOB gets to take home a special treat for his trouble. Add that the dessert is not a fun place to bleed and I am sure he will be caught quickly.


  1. A. I love the "appeared to be within his legal rights" crap from the cops. Burglar was committing a crime, relative of rightful owner shot his ass.

    Damn right he was "within his legal rights."

    B. Wish he'd shot him higher up.


  2. Yeah, already passed "tired" of this "appeared to be within his legal rights" garbage.

    But the son should have gotten a ticket for not killing this scum. Now the taxpayer will end up paying for his trial. And the son and the father being sued.

  3. If he bleeds out, that saves on having to feed/house/try the scumbag...

  4. Score one for the good guys.

    Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Lol yeah I love the disclaimer "appeared to be" blah. Just like seeing good guys win. Pretty rare in southern Nevada.

    Thanks B! You too.


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