Thursday, September 8, 2011

Books on my shelf?

The book theme is all over today. Brigid, Murphy's Law, and North have all done it! I decided to follow suit. I kind of have to being the book girl. Granted my collection is not as wide ranging or as vast as some listed. I am a fiction junkie. I am also 29 and prone to moving regularly so I have to purge books a bit regularly. It makes me sad. At our last move i cried over the boxes of books I donated. *sniff sniff* I digress, my current collection has a lot of Louis L'amour. Husband is a fan but I sneak them when he isn't looking. I also love Clive Cussler and Dan Brown. The Adventure type action books. Faye and Jonathan Kellerman are great. I love paranormals so I have Laurell K Hamilton, Kim Harrison, Kelley Armstrong to name a few. Romance is also a love of course so Nora Roberts, Johanna Lindsey, Stephanie Laurens, Catherine Coulter both romance and FBI, Julie Garwood. I have a ton of favorite writers and know I am missing a bunch of them but honestly I have so many I am just listing what pops into my head. When we moved in here I had 12 boxes full. Hubby actually drove my books down himself rather than have the movers take them simply because of the weight. I have added quite a bit since then though now I have my Nook Color ereader and I try to put books on it rather than buying the bound versions in an effort to save space, hehehe. Poor husband wants to throttle me. My book cases are stacked to the gills 3 rows deep and up. Makes for heavy book cases! ;)

I am looking to now expand my collection into books we will need in a SHTF scenario. Medical info, food, living off grid, guns, things like that. If you guys know of good refrence books that I should have in a hardcopy form for a TEOTWAWKI life I would be very appreciative!


  1. WOOT! I love that this is going around!

  2. I saw that post. Glad to see some people still read real books. I can't get used to the electronic book thing.

  3. Yeah e-books take some getting used to but I like that you can change the font size and such. My Nook Color is also backlit so I can read in the dark and not bother hubby! He loves that part. Books are awesome!!

  4. I knew I should have kept my mouth shut about that Kindle...
    Arsenius is making fun of me all over the net....
    Lila, I own thousands of books. It's taken years. Yours will come.

  5. Bah humbug. You can store THOUSANDS of books on that little gizmo. Even some out of print stuff. I have the entire Sherlock Holmes set and got it for under $5 all those books at my fingertips!

    Books are fabulous!

  6. Heh, I was exhausted, didn't feel like writing much and said "hmmmm, I will post what I'm reading" And look what happens. Everyone has such an enviable collection!

  7. Nice collecton and yes books are wonderful. I may have to get one of these Kindle things. Where do you wind it up?

  8. I think when you get past 50 the collecting of books thing becomes either frost-bitten and immobile like a massive glacier of paper *stuff* filling shelves and desks and drawers, or the heat of action picks up and melts the collected weight of the past...and you want to free yourself from the bounds they represent. Contrafactual I know...

  9. Well Brigid you are a trendsetter. How does it feel?

    Keads you get the Kindle on Amazon. Nook is a Barnes & Nobel thing. I really love my Nook Color. It does books and then some with it's web browsing and applications. Basically a book dedicated IPad type system. You can even subscribe to newspapers and magazines on it and they will be delivered to you electronically upon publication. It reads kids books to your child or lets them read them. They really are beautiful. Full color and sound. I love mine and so do my girls. Monkey has learning games on it and Bug has her math problems.

    DirtCrashr I am going to be the crazy book lady. I already know. Even with an ereader, lol.


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