Friday, September 16, 2011

Document Organization.

As I embark on this quest one thing I have realized is important is better organization. While I know basically where all the important documents are, (a box in my closet) they are in no way organized and can take forever to find the exact document I needed. So to fix that I bought large plastic totes that are created for file storage and handle both legal and letter sized files. I got 2 so I can have one for each sized file type and the hanging files as well as folders for each. I finally went through my office are and cleaned out the clutter. It was horrible. I bought 3 little space savers to separate bills, things to be shredded and things to be filed. This will help with my organization there. Tonight I plan to pull out my box and start to file things away the right way. Will make so many things easier. Honestly SHTF can be so many different situations and knowing where your birth certificate is or the mortgage documents and insurance papers can be needed quickly. I really recommend everyone grab this nasty bull by the horns!


  1. I'd also recommend a firebox for the 'really' important docs... Marriage cert, births, deeds, that kind of stuff.

  2. Yeah, this is the one area I can't seem to get started on.

  3. NFO I have these boxes in easy to move sizes and in easy to take locations so they can be taken. Everything in them is important to me.

    Matt I know the feeling. As I was sorting I found unneeded stuff from when we lived in the PNW. I am horrible at this. But I sorted like mad yesterday. Looks good now so far. I know I have stashes in other places to file but the big spots are done.


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