Friday, September 30, 2011

October - My favorite month!

In my effort to keep things light I am completely not posting about yet another police impersonator caught locally harassing women or the burglary ring brought down. Going to ignore the shootings and even the big doctor/pharmacy/drug dudes getting brought down for all sorts of crime. Going to pretend for a moment that the multiple undercover units patrolling our area at night are just neighbors. ........ See, it is depressing!

So I am going to talk about October. I love October. Mostly because I love Halloween and am one of those crazy people who decorate inside and out for it. We could go deeper into the beauty of All Hallows but that is part of my Wiccan youth and I am no longer the rebellious type having firmly settled into my Christian upbringing and all. (Though they sure do know their herb lore!) I love the fun of it all. When I was a teen I worked in a haunted mill. I was the casket girl. I would spend time getting my makeup just perfect to match the creepy maniquin in the coffin across the isle and then I would lay there and pop up and scream for each group that entered my room. I loved it. Now I pass that love to my kids. Bug has always loved the creepy and spooky. The kid loves picking something nice for her costume and then creeping it out. She was a corpse bride one year. This year is Zombie Cheerleader!  My Monkey is not sure about the creepy yet but she loves the decorations. She doesn't want to touch the spider but she giggles and calls him her spooky friend. I think we all need to enjoy the fun of it.

What are you/your (grand)kids going to be this year?


  1. I love October too...I will not have my Little Bit this year, other than for a few minutes. She's playing with some little friends that night...dadgumit.

  2. Awww.... I am sure she will miss you!

  3. My kids only got to do Halloween one year. Their mom made them costumes and we drove to the town her sister lived in, and went trick or treating there. But at the time, there just wasn't anyone to go trick at treating at within a reasonable distance of our place. Now the merchants on the town square give out treats and people drive their kids to the square, but they didn't do that back in the 80's.

  4. We were lucky to always live in pretty great neighborhoods so I was always able to dress up. Probably helped fuel my current love!


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