Saturday, September 3, 2011

Where's the gun?- Let's try a vase instead!

Oh this lovely area of the world. I can almost keep up with Weerd and I am sticking to local area stuff. Yuck!!

Police: Woman bludgeoned friend with vase, cut her throat

Disturbing details are surfacing in a woman's alleged rampage that ended with another woman dead in a bathtub.

Police say 23-year-old Stephanie Kirby broke into an apartment and attacked the victim while she was sleeping.
It happened at the Canyon Point Apartments on Harmon near Boulder Highway. Kirby reportedly called police on Thursday morning, admitting she had done something wrong.
Documents say Kirby confessed to bludgeoning her once friend with a vase. She then allegedly ordered her to get in the tub where she cut the victim's throat.

Kirby denied having the intent to kill.
Police say Kirby stabbed her victim a number of times with a kitchen knife. She allegedly admitted to discarding the knife, the vase and bloody clothes in a dumpster near where the murder happened.
Kirby is being held without bail at the Clark County Detention Center on a charge with murder with a deadly weapon and a probation violation. She's due in court on Tuesday.
The Clark County Coroner's Office said Friday that Tiffany Batteate's cause of death was multiple blunt and sharp force injuries to her head and neck. Batteate was 24-years-old.



Lovely!! So basically chick claims she meant no harm but just happened to stumble into the vase to smack her victim after breaking in, then kills her by cutting her throat and stabbing her! Lovely. Won't count because she forgot her gun though right?

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