Friday, September 9, 2011

We aren't alone!

Over the recent long weekend my handsome other half had a birthday and his older sister and her husband came to visit and play for the weekend. Brother-in-law J brought up the topic of TEOTWAWKI and preparations. I think he was a bit surprised to learn exactly how much we are trying to do and how much we continue to do. He also would like to join in those efforts. So our group has risen and I think their focus will be on food preps while we continue with the gun and ammo side for the moment though I am going to be broadening that. I am making lists of a lot of things as well as going to really look into areas of retreat and possibly grabbing that land we want. I think now more than ever expanding this to the rest of the siblings will be wise. The other sisters all will have need and can contribute to things so i think I am going to really formulate a plan here in the next bit to present to them as we are supposed to be together in October. Adding to the capable men is a good thing I think.


  1. Try and standardize weapons if you can... same calibers and brands if possible.

  2. And look at getting land/cabin that is defensible...

  3. That's excellent that you have a group now. I think it would be so much easier to plan if I could bounce ideas off of like-minded friends/family.


  4. Thanks Bubba. The boys already took BIL J to our favorite store to show him some of our current stock and their current prices so he gets an idea.

    NFO I had already been plotting in my head but this broadens my thoughts a bit. I am thinking enough acreage to support a large bit of crop for gardens for us and to barter with as well as for some animals and such. Maybe about 10-ish acres. I tend to design in my head a lot as I am a bit of an imagination girl, hehe, to I am thinking almost fort-like in certain aspects. Each family has an area of their own with the resources in the center. I don't know. Still have to talk to the other sisters.

    Red it is definitely nice knowing I am not the only woman in this plan anymore. Luckily my BIL cooks and cans and does all sorts of stuff but still being the only woman in out plan felt a bit daunting at times.


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