Monday, September 5, 2011

A labor day of no labor at all!

We got up this morning before the sun to avoid the heat. The guys had loaded up the toys yesterday so it was just about getting everyone dressed and out. A co-worker of my hubby was going to join us with his little boy and it was going to be the first time the young one had shot so we kept it to the small toys. .22 rifle and pistol, my 9mm for me, and then because both boys needed to play with their new toys we had the shotguns and the Circuit Judge. The easily put a few hundred rounds out each and loved it. The new little shooter absorbed the rules well and proved to be a natural shot. His aim was crazy accurate. Then we went to trying the new shotgun on some skeet. You guys were very right. That thing kicked my trash. I am going to go old style and learn to shoot from the hip with it until we can get me one more taylored to my needs. Youch. Even the boys had marks on their shoulders. Of course they loved it. Hehehe. Men. The Circuit Judge is interesting. Nicer to shoot for me than a normal revolver. Crazy accurate. Brother in law put a scope on it but I am a lefty so it was a titch awkward so I used the regular sight. Blew apart a water bottle and had very little kick. I actually enjoyed it.

I realized I needed more range time with my 9mm. I would scare off an attacker and wound them sure but my accuracy is not great. Honestly a huge part of that is my eyesight. I can't see very well with the astigmatism. I really need to get this fixed soon.

Overall it was a fabulous day of shooting. I needed it. The dance in the rain and the glorious nap after were ice cream on the cake!! ( Yes I mean ice cream not icing, hehehe)


  1. May I suggest a 20 Guage? Or a Butstock Pad for the 12? I might be able to find you a link, if you're interested.

  2. Thanks TinCan. Hubby said we would find something. The 12 has a pad. It needs a bigger /better one maybe but I think getting the bigger gauge in the long run will be what we do. You are awesome!

  3. Glad you had a good time. I reiterated getting measured for your length of pull. It will help significantly in addition to a Pachmayr decelerator or some other nice pad.

  4. I will 45er I promise! ;) Hubby admitted he had been worried as well but felt we needed the gauge which is why it was on the list. He agrees that the next shotgun will be a lot more tailor made for me.

  5. Thanks PISSED for the add. I always love your stuff though some my husband likes more than I do lol!! I took your comment down BTW because I wasn't sure if your name is known or not.

  6. Hi, No Problem about the name. Sometimes I add it without thinking :)

    I'm glad you and your husband enjoy the blog :)

    PISSED ;)


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