Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Under attack? Maybe a little but that's okay!

I have realized recently that when I feel upset by things in life my mind instantly goes to the beauty of my marriage. It is as if my coping mechanism when I feel threatened in any way is for my brain to say "Lila yes this person is a total jerk but remember the most important truth in your life. The one person you need to love and accept you unconditionally already does that. Who cares what the jerk thinks." I find that to be pretty amazing. The life that we have is far from what many would define as perfect but for me it is exactly that. We aren't rich, we aren't going to be. (Though I am going to make a best sellers list darn it!) We don't have all the newest or best toys. I don't care. Bash my politics. Bash my religion. Bash even the very concept of faith. Bash my parenting. Bash my looks. Bash away jerks. My husband finds me sexy. My girls are happy, smart, and well rounded. My passion is fed through writing. I am in need of nothing else. I have a strength no one can take from me because I am loved beyond measure.

Do you have something that makes all the crap fade away? What is it?

My greatest wish for all of my blog friends is that they have that one thing. It can be any thing. I am lucky that mine comes in the arms of a good strong man but a mate isn't a requirement. I wish you all joy. So much joy. Passion and health and happiness. So often as we walk this path of preparation and safety through our beautiful weapons we are immersed in sludge and negativity. I am working to make a huge effort to avoid that sludge. It was depressing me. Extended family stress was pulling me down. Jerks were demeaning me. Not going to let it build like it had been. Time to find the good. Find your good and tell me about it!


  1. Good post lil sister, I am with you all the way. I do think we get too bogged down with stuff sometimes. I never give jerks the satisfaction of upsetting me.
    The best revenge is living life well and enjoying it.

  2. You asked, in so many words, what gives me peace when the weight of the world crushes my soul....my family (like you) the arts of survivalism and shooting, and books. Of course, good friends of like mind make a heck of a difference too.

  3. Personally, I find crack to be efficacious in calming my anxieties.

    No, not really but there have been days when I might have tried it out of desperation if I had any!

    Actually, I think a mate is entirely necessary to survival. Emotionally, we all need someone we can trust come what may, and whom we know values us.

    Like we used to say in the Marines, don't let the bastards get you down.

  4. Same here. My husband, my family, sometimes my reputation as a stand-up kind of gal. And my own perspective on stuff that sucks:


  5. Thanks Duke. I am realizing that naysayers hate when their junk doesn't knock you down. Funny stuff.

    Stephen Good friends are so hard to find. That's why I love this community to much. I feel like the much loved daughter/little sister and I have never had that so it feels good!

    Hermit, I never would have pegged you as grabbing the crack! You go!....... Wait..... I mean..... Crack is bad!!! LOL I sure think a mate is pretty essential for me. At least the one I have is. Maybe if he were a jerk I would feel differently.

    Suz, great post!!! I think to often we think "What do we need to do to fend off the negative crap?" that we forget to remember there are some things we shouldn't do. Giving all the junk to much power is such a downer! You and I are even more sister souls than I thought huh?

  6. Wow, what a beautiful post. That's very close to the way I feel, my husband is my refuge, my BFF, my compass. And like you I've been having some jerks beating down on me and lots of strife from extended family but through it all my hubby is my port. Thank you for writing this, because it makes me happy to know there are others like me out there.

  7. I am glad my post touched you! I think we are both pretty lucky! I would be lost without my guy! :)


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