Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New accessories!

We got new accessories for the 10/22's. They are supposed to be an awesome improvement. Hubby likes that they can be cleaned. Will give a review once we use them!


  1. I love my 10-22 will be interested to find out how the mag's work. I have a few some seem better than others.

  2. My Mama is coming to town! (I hope!!!!!) I am thinking we need to test these puppies out with her here since I am trying to get her to at least load one of the guns she has around so I stop worrying about her safety. Shooting is empowering!

  3. I saw in Shotgun News where they are making M-1 Carbine drop in stocks for your 10-22. That might be nice.

  4. Hubby would probably love that. Sounds like he is going to build me my own left handed light weight bull barrel 10/22 for Christmas! I am so excited!! I do love the 10/22 I use now but it really is heavy for me. I am great to swing it up and shoot but for prolonged use holding it up I need something lighter. He is super excited to build it for me, lol.


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