Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Texas Fires

I spent a lot of my growing years in Texas. Summers and holidays were spent with my grandparents on their  large spread outside of Bastrop. Right now the area is burning. So far it seems the family and other people I love have been lucky. Fire has come close and is licking at the boot heels but hasn't burned anything of ours yet but some reports say that half of Bastrop is gone and that it is going to get worse before it gets better. With Katia steaming up the gulf winds could pick up and the largest fire is at 0%  containment. So please everyone pray. Pray for those hundreds of families who have lost their homes, pray for those evacuated, pray for those at risk, and I selfishly ask for an extra little prayer for my family. While my grandparents are no longer alive to see a city they loved and raised their sons in burn we do still have family there and they are at risk and need that love.

Thanks guys!


  1. I have friends around Austin that have been prepping for bugging out and it has been an up and down affair. It is really wearing on their nerves, so yes prayers are definitely a plus right now. We'll county them as lucky when it has passed. I hope those affected get immediate help and those threatened do not eventually need it. thanks.

  2. So hard seeing this unfold and knowing that people you care about are there. An Aunt evacuated but was able to return home. My cousin has ash in her yard. I am worried about the one place i felt like home growing up disappearing. Total suck!

  3. I know how you feel Lila. After Katrina, nothing remained of the Mississippi Gulf Coast that I remembered from growing up. That storm took my childhood memories from me.

    It sucks, but I'll pray for you and your family.

  4. Thanks Mudbug! Really awful to see memories disappear like that. As far as I know the house is okay. Honestly the plan has been to take it down at some point because it needs more renovation than is feasible. My grandparents lived there since my dad was in school so it saw a lot of years and life. Original everything pretty much. Even the thought of that had me heartbroken but it is for my dad and uncles to decide. I just hope they have a legacy still to figure out after this.

  5. I saw that on the Weather Channel this morning. Seems ironic that we are getting torn up by storms in the South and they are getting burned out.

  6. It's bad down here. Real bad. And not just around Bastrop but in east Texas near Palestine and out in West Texas as well.


  7. Hermit Nature is one confused chick!

    AOA I read that of the almost 10 million acres burned nation wide over the past year half has been Texas. Makes my heart ache. In so many ways that is home for me. I hurt for those who have lost their homes, lives, livelyhoods. This is horrible all over the state.


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