Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am apparently "legit"!

Today was going to be a normal house mom day. Laundry was my big focus as we have piles of it. Then Nephew called me and wanted me to take him and his best friend along with my girls out for a desert adventure. Santa brought Bug a pellet gun for Christmas and he got a Gama Whisper and so has been  loving finding opportunities to take it out. I am the type of Mom who tries to say yes. They ask so little to spend time like that with me that is cheap and easy and so despite the piles of clothes and my own aches I said sure. Even Niece decided to go in the hopes of a driving lesson.

As we are preparing to go the best friend's mother call's me to make sure the boys were telling the truth and there was going to be adult supervision and such. She was worried about them being attacked or some such and being alone in the middle of no where. The thought that popped into my head was to tell her my gun was bigger than theirs but I just assured her that I would be with them and left it at that. As we were leaving I told the boys of her call and joked about my thoughts to which Nephew replied, "You should have told her. We told her you carry a 9mm and are super legit Auntie." It was said with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. Apparently being legit is the new cool. Makes me feel pretty neat and very old, hehe. Got to love teenage boys and the new teen speak.


  1. Interesting way to approach it...LOL

  2. Heh. I think I may actually miss their weird language when they move out.


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