Thursday, December 15, 2011

Now that's some Christmas spirit!!

I figure we needed some uplifting news. This is a time of joy and beauty. My lovely locations seems to mean it also brings out the tragedy and violence but in this moment I want to focus on hope and on generosity.

Recently there was a story about how someone went in to a K-Mart and paid off multiple layaway accounts anonymously as a gift for Christmas. That generosity has spread and now K-Marts all over and even some Wal-Mart's are having people show up to pay off the balance of other's Christmas layaway. I think this is beautiful and so inspiring. So often we forget as we shop and plan the true meaning of this season.

Christmas is about celebrating Christ and he was the most generous man that ever lived. We try to teach our girls that.

Our tradition is to let each girl find and angel on the giving tree her age to shop for and then we buy clothes and toys for that girl. Monkey loved picking the Baby Belle doll for her angel this year.

So whether you buy for an angel in need, donate to a worthy cause, pay off someone's layaway balance, or give a friend a much needed hug, please remember to hold tight to the true meaning of this holiday season. Know that Gracie, Maggy, and I and all our assorted progeny and husbands send you the very best wishes for a wonderful Christmas. Much love from our family to ours!


  1. Thanks for the hope. Sometimes I stare into the abyss too much, and lose mine.

  2. And to yours, Sweet Lady, God bless.

  3. Hope abounds TCA!! I am always around to add some!

    Thanks Stephen!


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