Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Honoring the brave!

If you were unaware today is the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Thousands of lives were lost as America was attacked on our own soil that day and heroes rose. I feel like so often my generation and the children growing have lost sight of the foundations of this country. Of the heroes and the hard work. Of the dedication and sheer guts it took to fight back after such an attack. The country joined together to fight. To stand up and defend. I wish those values were still prevalent. Then I see little pieces of evidence and I hope. The picture is of the flags at Bug's school flying at half mast today in remembrance and recognition. I hope she was told about it in class today but just seeing the staff honor the bravery of those who fought that day gives me hope for the future.


  1. Concur. We need to educate the young, but the education system will NOT do it...

  2. Like you said, it's a good sign indeed. Perhaps not all is lost.

  3. I spoke to soon. I asked Bug what she learned about Pearl Harbor and she was blank. They didn't mention it to her.

    Still feel some small hope at the observance by lowering the flag.


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