Friday, December 2, 2011

I kick writing butt...... and I finally caught up on reading blogs lol.

So I kicked writing butt and won the National Novel Writing Month goal of writing 50k original words in 30 days. I wrote my guts out. The book isn't done yet but it is getting there. Luckily a few great people are reading it and helping me edit and polish it. Have had a few surprises as i write but it has been great.

I also finally got to catch up on blog reading. My reader had over 1000 undead blogs for me to read. WOW. I tried to comment but obviously didn't hit everyone. I did read you all though. Sounds like there have been some great adventures lately or upcoming.

Life here is pretty much running along like normal. Monkey is in the "push the limits and ignore the rules" stage of toddlerhood. Fun times. Bug has decided to be scared of the dark again. This is the kid who loves scary stuff and shoots like a demon. Now she wants to sleep with her light on. I know it is because she has my imagination. She says that in the dark when she wakes up she imagines this beings a little troll waiting to eat her or that being a ghost kid hanging in her closet. I have tried to stop her reading and watching scary stuff but it hasn't helped. She has decided to write like her Mama and is writing a story about the zombie apocalypse. Uggg...... Hubby is feeling frustrated. The area is more unstable by the day. You never know what is going to happen or where in the valley. Most think we are crazy paranoid but then something happens. He made a commitment to the job and he doesn't want to back out on that. He is very honorable and who knew they would be 2 years behind. He now seems to be considering selling the house (which is big for our little family but great for all the visitors and the current live in family) so we can move.

We'll see.

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  1. Ghost kid in the closet.... Hmmm. Sounds familiar somehow....


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