Monday, December 12, 2011

Metro involved in another shooting.

I have immense respect for law enforcement. I absolutley do. I know that they do a thankless job daily and put their lives on the line to protect and serve and do not get nearly the credit they deserve. I have friends who are officers on different levels. This is not about bashing anyone. I am posting this because I think there is a lack in crucial training. So often officers are forced to make life and death choices. Sometimes there is a choice better than deadly force. There has to be.

Last night a veteran in his 40's and diagnosed with PTSD was killed. He had no weapon. He was even known to Metro if I read things right because of the risk he had of becoming disoriented when without meds and he had been denied meds until the 20th. So he went to what he though of as home, he scared some people by trying to open what he thought was his door and police were called. I 100% think those scared people did the right thing. If a man unknown to me were to try to come into my house I would use deadly force. However this man was supposed to be known to Metro. The wife's comments state that metro was supposed to have him under a watch. Now I have no idea if this is a hold on a psyche unit or they were supposed to monitor him but repeatedly she says that Metro was aware of him. So when a man who is supposed to be known to them as having a mental issue and is a veteran is having an issue of disorientation the smart thing is not to be confrontational once you know who he is. They saw his car. When he returned to his car and got in to it they demanded he get out. He got upset and apparently rammed them and was shot.

The video put up seems to tell a different story. The car seems to remain still before the shots. Maybe I am seeing it wrong. I just think that officers need a lot more training in dealing with mentally disabled people. This man did not deserve this. Not from what I see.


  1. You know, between this and Jose Gurrena I'm beginning to thing it's not safe being a vet around cops...

    You'll please pardon me if I seem a bit paranoid. I suddenly feel like I'm being targeted.

  2. TCA this one breaks my heart. It sounds like he and his wife were trying to do all they could. He was under care though the doc obviously left him out to dry. She made sure to remove any weapons for his safety because he was having such a rough go. Metro was aware of him and his condition though I bet money they deny that until the sky falls. What else were they supposed to do?

    Never is an officer found to be in the wrong here. Even if their is a question. After the costco shooting there was some major outcry and the officers were found to be in the right. Then later one who pulled the trigger came under fire again for force and some other unpretty stuff and was finally fired. The system here is very supportive of officers and it should be, but it should also hold accountable officers who hurt the badge and it fails to do that.

    This isn't the first time a mentally disabled person has been killed when a less lethal response might have got the job done and they had been aware of the mental issue.

  3. As veterans, the administration does call us terrorists, so I guess we get what we deserve.

  4. Craig despie the lackluster treatment given to veterans by some know that at least me and mine are proud and honored by your service and wish we could make sure you and every other veteran were treated with the love and respect you deserve.


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