Thursday, December 22, 2011

Revolvers and FMS are not friends.

After my last post detailing my search for a good back up gun many recommended a revolver. Makes sense because they don't toss their brass so really they are pretty ambidextrous already. No slide release or mag release to deal with. Should be my dream gun right? Not so much. Fibromyalgia means I have muscle weakness at odd times. For me that is often in my hands. I kid you not that I often would love a hand rub over a back rub. My hands are used a lot because of my wife/mom life but also because I type a lot. So when I went looking for a gun it needed to be easy for me to handle and not cause me pain when I used it. I can fire anything at least once and do but I can't expect to be easy or comfortable with a gun I know causes me pain. That is why I couldn't carry the Karr .40. The kick through my arms was atrocious on a bad day. A revolver gives most of the kick in your hands when a semi-auto pushes it through your arms. So when I fire a revolver I loose accuracy quickly because my hands begin to ache. Not fun. So my requirements are semi-auto, fully ambi (as in lefty slide and mag release), and very easy to use. I need to be able to release the slide with a twitch of my thumb on either hand. I have small hands so it can't be huge but I also don't like a compact where my pinky falls off. My HK really is perfect for me. I just wish there were other options similar to it for me to play with. More calibers would be nice.

So if you know of a great ambi semi-auto I am all ears.


  1. Beretta PX4 subcompact. The mag release can be re-positioned and being a double action/single action with a DA trigger pull of around 12Lbs, I don't see the need for you to carry it with the safety engaged. Do carry it in a holster though.

  2. I gues FMS affects you differently than DW. She likes her S&W model 10(not her CCW gun of course), and her Kel-Tec P3AT for CCW. She has a snubby, but hates carrying it and never shoots it. Crappy trigger. Maybe the P3AT might be your ticket, as the "safety" on that is between your ears. It just has a long DA trigger pull to prevent ND's. The mag release id righty, but perhaps that could be worked with your index finger? And they have extended mags to help with the hanging pinky problem.

    They also have a 9mm version. Not sure the model designation on that. There are Also guns that combine Glock's trigger safety with a 1911's grip safety with no "slide" safety. I think it's a Springfield. XDM? Comes in everything from 9mm to .45ACP. Again, I believe it still has the mag release issue.

    Hope this helps.

    I shoot rifles southpaw (eye dominance) but handguns righty, so I'm trying to wrap my head around it.


  4. Yeah I get a lot of pain in my hands, feet and knees. For some reason I have developed a sensitivity in my feet that makes being barefoot suck. Ugggg.... The many wandering FMS joys.

    Thanks for the recommends guys. I'll look!

  5. Have you considered a kel-tec PMR30?

    sure, it's only 22mag, but at household distances it's nasty. And you get 30 tries to the magazine.

  6. A little Ruger LCP in .380 should work. Just brought one home for my wife.
    Merry Christmas, sweet lady.


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