Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tis the season for flu and firearms.

for the flu! It seems most of the house has been hit by the flu again. My husband who hates calling in sick and has gone to work with a fever and throwing up actually has missed work. The body aches and fatigue are horrible. No fun. Poor Monkey had it for two days which meant I was lucky to sleep. The only one who seems to be doing well is Bug. She is happy as a clam. Kid has a great immune system though she complains a lot. The downside to a cronically ill mom seems to be that they think they are always sick. Makes my heart hurt.

Anyway. I have been thinking lately about the fact that I don't have a backup carry weapon. I adore my HK. It is a joy to shoot and I am hoping my new holster opens up more wardrobe choices for me. Anyway the beauty is two leather pockets for guns. Not that I plan to carry two but that I can form each pouch to separate guns. So I am trying to think about a backup. I am such a niche though because I am a lefty. Plus I have FMS so it has to be easy to handle. I also wouldn't mind being a little girly, lol. Yeah I know SERIOUS chicks don't shoot pink guns but seriously I think it might be cute. Of course my lefty needs mean no pink for me. Pffttt.... I would love that but I am doomed to be sad I guess. I did find a pink 20 gauge Mossberg 500 that I might have to have lol. Of course it isn't lefty either. Am I just stuck with guy stuff? I think guns can be pretty as well as kick ass. Maybe that's the flu talking.


  1. A pink gun will kill you just as easily as a black one will.... though I'm really hoping you don't go pink....

  2. Honestly if I had my fantasy gun it would be my HK but in a two tone of dark purple and black. Of course my gun is 1k and then the custom color would add some money as well. Ugggg.... A truly ambi gun is rare. Add one marketed for a girl and you are sunk.

  3. Plus how big of a blow to a rapist to have his gonads shot off with a pink gun. Baaahahahahah.

  4. Ugh, sorry to hear you are sick. Never fun, but at the holidays it really stinks.

    I have never really wanted a pick gun, yet anyway, but as a lefty, I feel your pain.

    I am used to my Glock now, but in the beginning it was a real pain.

    I am looking forward to hearing about what you end up with.

  5. AGAHG I haven't either lol. I have been all about the function but then I was thinking it might be kind of fun to have some color lol. Honestly doubt it will happen though just because I want a truly ambidextrous gun. I like that my HK has left handed slide and mag release. It is a pretty hard feature to find. Revolvers cause to much hand pain for my FMS. Hmmm.... Oh well. I love my HK. May just get another as my back up lol.

  6. Hope y'all get better soon! Look at a revolver as a BUG.

  7. NFO Thanks. I would consider a revolver but the hand pain they bring when I fire them is usually to much for my FMS. I need something that won't hurt. Semi-auto means the kick goes through my arms which hurts less.

  8. Charter makes wheelguns for southpaws. And, they make wheelguns in pink. I always think of a wheelgun as an Ambi gun, just sayin. Did I mention I like wheelguns? Almost never carry a pistol.


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