Friday, December 9, 2011

Merry Christmas to me - Galco Holster edition!

So my guy is an impatient shopper. He hates crowds and people. So he tends to buy a small surprise gift for me at Christmas time and then give me money to fill my list either in envelopes on the tree or before hand so I have the actual item under the tree. This year he did the latter. One of my items was a Galco Under Wrap belly band holster. I love this concept and have heard good things from a few women. It wraps around your torso so I don't have to worry about a belt. It has two leather pouches for multiple guns if I wanted and then pockets for added stuff like extra ammo or my knife. It is ambi which works for me. I can have it low on my hips or even high on my ribs. At least that is the hope. I found it on sale on Amazon of all places and got it ordered. So excited!! My only concealed holster has been a cheap Uncle Mike's at the base of the spine inside my waistband and I look forward to adding options. I think my brother-in-law is getting me a shoulder holster as well which will be nice to add options. A girl has to make sure she can wear many different things right?


  1. Good for you. I do love my Galco holsters.

  2. The right conceal holster can make all the difference, congrats on your gift!

  3. That is ALWAYS your option :-) And carry CONCEALED... :-)

  4. I am excited!!

    Yes NFO I have come around. As much as I want to help other women realize their rights and I know open carry can bring about conversation starters and talking my current location means that the lack of surprise would bring about more risk than reward.


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