Sunday, February 26, 2012

Early morning visitors

Woke up this morning to my chickens squawking and hollering. I ran out the door expecting to have to rescue them from a dog and instead found two bucks in my yard. This guy was only a foot away from me (on the other side of the window) and actually winked at me. If you look close, you can see chicken scratch on his lips.Here is is after I busted him and he jumped out of the chicken coop.
His buddy wasn't a very good lookout, he just stood and stared at me. He finally spooked and took off for the neighbors apple tree and the big guy followed.

These two bucks are part of a bachelor herd that used to hang out here in the neighborhood until one of them was poached in my driveway. All the deer disappeared and have only now (a year and a half later) started to return. I am happy to see them again, I have missed having them around.


  1. Gracie - they are beautiful and i am glad that you got a chance to hang out with them! i am glad that they are returning too!

    your friend,

  2. LOL, those are interesting pics :-) Deer are curious creatures too!

  3. I'm surprised they still have their antlers at this time of year.


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