Sunday, February 12, 2012


I was wondering if any of you could recommend books about preserving meat. We would like to learn how to build and use a smoker, and just any other way to preserve meat. I have my dehydrator, but it's big and bulky and not very practical in an emergency situation.


  1. Lila,

    Couple of thoughts--

    1. Check out Cabela's or Bass Pro Shops online, or even Midway, Midsouth, et al, for their books on smoking and preserving meat.

    I have a rather large smoker (separate firepit, big upright cabinet, wheels, etc) on the back decks and it is one of my most prized possessions.

    However, I've never tried to smoke meat in order to keep it edible for upcoming months.

    2. Check out a few of the "survivalist" websites and forums. There are some wackjobs out there, but there are also a lot of common sense forums and websites for people who aren't paranoid, but rather who want to simply prepare themselves for upcoming hard times.

    That does not necessarily translate into a SHTF scenario either. Some folks know their jobs are coming to an end--maybe they're contract labor and the contract/job is almost done. Others may be getting ready to retire early, but still have several years before they can dip into their IRAs. Etc etc.

    Oh, and let me add a third. . .

    3. Hunting shops and hunting discussion forums.

    Good luck, and let us know what you find.


  2. +1 on AOA! he nailed the best options!

  3. Not a book, but Return to River Cottage shows some salted hams and bacons, and uses the chimney as a smoker.

  4. Find a very, very early version of the Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book, they are a wealth of info on everything from butchering to canning.

  5. Sorry, no ideas on books, just 30 years of doing it (mostly sausage). I can offer that if you're interested. We built a couple of different smokers throughout the years. I might be able to save you some time and effort.

  6. Here are two I ordered last year to have on hand- just in case:

    Both are good books, and give basics and very advanced smoking/ curing.

  7. Thanks everyone on the suggestions. I have been looking at a lot of the blogs and reading everything I can find. I would like something in hard copy though. I will forget everything I have read if I am not currently doing it, or unless I have it written down somewhere.

    45er, I might be messaging you at some point :)


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