Thursday, February 2, 2012

You matter to me.

I am a horrible communicator. Really. I hate being vulnerable. I hate putting myself out there in case I am not wanted so I rarely do. I don't want to be that annoying chick. That weird girl who won't go away. The one you are nice to because you are to polite to do anything else. That being said I wanted to take the moment to tell you guys that you matter to me. Especially those who comment and make the effort to let me and the others know you are here. I love the input, the help with questions, the support.  Stephen, Matt, North, NFO, Hermit (I hope you read this where ever you are), Duke, AOA, TinCan, Pioneer, Brigid, Maura, AGirl, Mudbug, Red, Ryan, 45er, Suz, Midwest. I read your blogs all the time on my phone. All of you are incredible. Some of you inspire me. Some of you make me think. Some of you make me wish I had the courage to be even a small percentage of the people you are. I honestly don't know how to thank you for being the people you are or the influence you are on me. You guys are a lot of the reason why I got the courage to even buy my own guy rather than continue to pretend that the one my husband gave me was okay and using the discomfort of it as an excuse to avoid getting my permit or taking classes. Those things are so darn far out of my comfort zone but you guys have helped me reach a more confident place. I am not strong but you all help me with that. Thank you. I may not have reached out like I wanted but know that to me you guys are considered treasured friends and I would love to help any of you in any way I can. I don't have much but if I have it to give I give it to you.


  1. Lila,

    I am honored to be here and read you Blog every time you post. I too do not comment enough on others Blogs.

    It has come to me that I, as you are overwhelmed at the breadth and depth of knowledge here sometimes.

    I feel as a simpleton amongst many with my pedestrian ramblings on a mundane life.

    Know what though? This is great fun, I have "met" many here and some in real life. I would not trade that for anything. The amazing thing? I am treated as equal. All are willing to share and teach. No condemnation. Just friends.

    How cool is that?

  2. I'm humbled. You matter to DW and I, too. Now would please hurry up and get published so I can say I knew you when? ;)

  3. BTW, I know you live in Nevada, but you bought your guy? I thought you married him... ;)

  4. holy crap! how is it that i am just finding you now?!?!?!?

    thank you for the beautiful comment that you left on Stephen's post...i commented back to you. and thank you for naming some of my favourite people on the net in this post. you are someone i definitely want to properly "meet". and i love your beautiful name.

    your friend,

  5. Well, thank you. Like you, though, I look up to those around me including you. Some have lots of knowledge experience, others have lots of consistency, and others have overcome various hardships and bad experiences to get where they currently are. There is much to be admired in all these groups.

  6. You have such a sweet, genuion heart. I often feel the same's hard when you feel like you have nothing to offer back to a person or group that gives you so much, but I have found, all people really want is real, honest friendship, that we can both offer.

    So, glad our paths have crossed! Really proud of you for taking those difficult steps forward. You are doing great!!

  7. "Some of you make me wish I had the courage to be even a small percentage of the people you are."

    Rest assured, you already ARE a small percentage of the person that I am.


    You are a good friend. Don't sell yourself short. I would list you on a list of people to thank for making my life better.

    YOU matter.

  8. Keads, you are another I read every post and am so grateful for!! You are so right it is very cool to be seen as an equal. This year I celebrate my Dirty 30 and still so often I feel like the kid playing with the adults, lol.

    TinCan - You know I meant gun. Dork.

    Kymber - You are welcome and welcome to my little corner of the world. We are a unique group here but we try, lol.

    Matt - You are welcome. I have never seen a more admirable group of people.

    Agirl- Thank you. I do offer friendship, I just have a hard time being the one to put myself out there to kick it off. Gracie and Maggy can attest to that, lol. Maggy basically had to pull me out of my little comfort zone by my hair. Thank goodness she did because I love her dearly. Gracie was much quieter about it but very persistent. She never gave up on me and now a decade later she is more my sister than my friend.

  9. Sorry I'm so late to the party. I wanted to throw my phone into traffic today and couldn't comment like I wanted to. I'm more than honored to be listed in your post. I'm glad someone reads my stuff. The others listed there are truly great places to go. This is what I was scared of. Now people care about what you write and you have to keep it up. :) Thanks and you have a unique and special blog here as well.

  10. Hi...I have an award for you over on my blog. Be sure to come and get it.

  11. I gave you an award on my blog. If you want to claim, it head on over:)

  12. We're here any time you need it.

  13. Thanks 45er and Brigid. You two cute blogger girls are sweet as well!!

  14. Uhhh, hehe. I'm glad you think I'm sweet, but a girl? Ha, well not so much.

  15. I meant Country Tea and Agirl silly.


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