Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Here she is!

So far I am really liking this gun. I love the way it fits my hand and how light it is. It's been too cold to go to the range so she remains unfired, but better weather is on the way, so that will happen soon. The only problem I have is the button to turn on the laser is pretty stiff and hard to turn on with the weapon drawn. Much practice is needed. I do not want to use the laser when practicing on the range as I want to rely on my own skills and not on a bright red light. BUT I am going to practice turning the laser on and off here at home with the gun unloaded.
I have plans to take the next concealed carry course at the end of March and the next step will be to buy a holster that is comfortable. I really liked the idea of the Flashbang, but after reading a few reviews I don't think it will work for me. Let's just say I am not as well equipped as some other women.... I had found a site a while back while looking at holsters that showed a woman with six guns on her body. The only one visible was the one she was carrying on her hip. I cannot for the life if me find that site again :( I thought it was on the flashbang site because that was one of the holsters used. Can anyone point me in a good direction to find something comfortable and practical?


  1. Bianchi 100 professional. A rock solid leather IWB holster with a metal clip. Hard to beat for CCW.

  2. My wife runs (marathon training) with a Bodyguard in a holster called a Smart Carry. She loves it.

  3. I have the same one. It's a nice little carry gun. I keep it in a pocket holster. :)


  4. DeSantis makes a OWB for this Pistol. I have it. Works for me, but as always with holsters, YMMV.

    Keep an eye on the laser. They have had some issues with them.

    Here is my story with one.

    They do work and I consider it a step above the Kel-Tek and Ruger.

    Congratulations! Go work it!

  5. Great little pistol. My wife bought one of these. It reliably shoots every brand and type of .380 I've tried. It's very concealable and lightweight--I love carrying it when I wear a suit to work as it fits beautifully with a pocket holster in either an inside pocket or front pocket. My only complaint is that its lightness makes the recoil much more noticeable than on something like my Bersa Thunder. It could be because of my long fingers, but after putting 50 rounds through it, my trigger finger was really sore. My thoughts about that were a) in a defensive situation, I wouldn't be putting that many rounds through it, so it wouldn't make my finger hurt; and b) at the range, I'd just wear lightweight shooting gloves. Problem solved.

    One other note--a big reason my wife chose the Bodyguard .380 is that she is somewhat frail, and can't rack the slide on a lot of semi-autos. The Bodyguard didn't present a problem for her.

  6. That is awesome. I'm so happy for you. I like the idea of the Flash Bang as well. I have yet to see someone doing range practice with it, darn it. I can't wait to hear a range report.

    1. Clarify, I like the IDEA of the flashbang but not the execution. You're right about muzzling your chest on the draw being a not so good thing.

  7. It was on Flashbang's facebook, in one of their albums. I don't like the Flashbang just because having a gun pointing at my chest during draw when a slip and accidental shooting can happen freaks me out. I already told you to look at the belly band from Galco. I also think a good shoulder rig is a must. Love you!!

  8. A girl needs to keep her girls whole not holey. Heh.


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