Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Steel Anniversary!

We are about to celebrate our 11th anniversary. Very weird to realize it has been so long. I love him more every day. He spoils me rotten. We have been very lucky to grow together rather than apart as we have gone through our 20's and are entering our 30's. Anyway the gift this year is Steel. I asked for a collapsible baton and a fixed-blade knife. Yeah I  have become that woman. Luckily JW thinks it is hot hehe. Now I am trying to figure out what to get him. He wants a new bi-pod but I like doing fun things too. I want something unique. Survival minded. Ideas? He never reads this so no worries there. Come on y'all help a girl out.


  1. It is hard without knowing what he has got or likes. Either something he has been drooling over and hasn't purchased yet or a great acccessory to something he has. Examples being that cool hunting knife he hasn't been willing to pay for or a nice tactical taylor/ blackhawk rack to carry his mags and junk.

  2. Steel cased plinking ammo from TULAMMO, A reloading kit, (I got links if you want 'em)and/or a bi-pod.

    Guys are pretty easy to figure out, we'll tell you what we want.

    Any other suggestions I make will be NSFW.

  3. Reloading setup. Pretty much all steel...

    MSgt, USAF, Ret.

  4. Congrats, many more to follow!


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