Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Starbucks..... Because they are oh so right!

Grabbed some drinks. Only one is actually coffee heh. I bought some iced vanilla thing for my guy to take to work tonight. (Yeah I got a funny look when I told her to not ice it.) Tea for Niece. Hot Chocolate for my girls. Strawberry Cream thing for me. If you can't tell Oil am not a usual Starbucks customer but today deserved it. Any company that is happily supporting Constitutional rights ostensibly a good one to spend my money at.


  1. I happily spent some money there today too.

  2. Hello,
    I'm just curious how Starbucks is supporting our constitutional rights?
    Not trying to cause an argument, just wondering? Or is this something I need to google?


  3. Thanks guys.

    Firefighter, recently a lot of stir has been made because the company has refused to post signs to keep gun carriers from carrying in their stores. The anti-gun movement is pretty upset by this. So they decided it was time to boycott Starbucks. Being pro-gun many of us "gunnie" bloggers made today a "buycott" day. A day to thank Starbucks for doing nothing. They don't take a stand other than refusing to get caught up in the sign posting drama. They simply let those who chose to carry carry without prejudice. To me that is a company that is doing the right thing. No one needs to be all "Bring your guns here!!!" They just need to be understanding that carrying is a right that many take advantage of. So I bought some Starbucks today!!

  4. Did my "duty" there too today! :-)


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