Saturday, February 4, 2012

I have a friend

I have a friend who has the sweetest, most gentle spirit. She would walk a mile to help someone she didn't even know, even if it meant she would spend the next week in pain. She would go without food to feed a stray cat (and she has numerous times). Ann works at a nursery during the summer, watering plants and even pulling the throw aways from the trash and nursing them back to health in her yard. She can't stand to see anything in pain, even though she herself is more often than not in too much pain to walk. She once saved a pigeon who had been electrocuted by a power line. She fed him through a dropper every day until she found someone with more experience than her to take over.
This dear sweet woman is in need of prayers right now. I sit here with tears in my eyes at the thought of the world losing such a gentle GOOD person. Ann is in the hospital with a brain bleed. She underwent surgery last night to repair the bleed but she has not yet regained consciousness. I wish I could do more than pray, but there isn't. All I can ask is that you join me in my prayers for her recovery and to ask that you send healing thoughts her way.


  1. Thoughts and prayers sent for your friend; hope she recovers quickly and gets out of there.

  2. She will have our prayers tonight. She has people around that care for her as she does others. That's a web of strength she will need right now.

  3. Thanks everyone, so far she is still unconscious.

  4. Praying tonight. People like this are truly amazing. Their depth of compassion is humbling. Thanks for being there for her. Her soul does not go unappreciated in this world.


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