Wednesday, June 3, 2009

beautiful guns

These were just too cool not to share. I never did see any information on the hand gun. They guy who owned it was talking to someone else and I didn't get to ask questions. He said it wasn't a very old gun, it just looked like one. All of the silver on this is inlayed. Beautiful gun with amazing craftsmanship. They have nothing whatso ever to do with preps or survival, they were just something cool I saw at our pioneer festival and I wanted to share.

This rifle is a gun I would love to own someday. Not for any practical reason (obviously) just because it is so pretty. I know, its a girl thing. All of the silver was inlayed and the design on the stock is wire inlay. Coolest gun I have ever seen. Prettiest gun I have ever seen. I could get excited about guns if they all looked like this one! Here is one more.


  1. I don't think it is girly thing. One of those would be nice to have on the wall or something.

  2. Those are some very nice guns! I'm kind of partial to muzzleloaders, although they're not too practical for self defense ;)

  3. Not necessarily a girl thing. Trade guns were often inlaid with silver because the indians loved their beauty and would give a greater price for a nice looking flintlock. I have a replica Hawkin and though I don't shoot it , it's nice to look at. I have a real antique powder horn to go with it.

  4. I still think one of those should go on my wish list. Either one would do, although the muzzleloader is beyond a doubt my favorite. Hermit, there was a guy there that made really awesome powder horns out of cow horns. Beautiful scrimshaw on them too.


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