Monday, June 29, 2009

Feeling a bit down

So the family and I went to Utah to visit our family. Went to Emergency essentials and saw some things you would only find in Utah (blogging about that, probably be up tomorrow). We spent a few days and got horribly sunburned but what is really bothering me is that we left our kids with the grandparents. Seriously, even the dog is depressed. It was a quite drive back home and an even quieter evening. Neither of us had any idea we would feel this way. We were getting excited thinking of all the things we could get done while they were visiting the grandparents, now we are just going ot hurry up and get it all done so we can go back and pick them up!


  1. Aww, come on...ENJOY the time that you are FREE from the kids. It is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, so live it up!

  2. I remember when our boys were 6 and 9 and spent 1 week on grandpa/grandma's farm. The first meal we ate was so very quiet. You could hear our silverware clank on the plates and almost hear ourselves chew. Learn how to talk to your spouse again.

  3. I actually had to do some yelling at bedtime just to make me feel like they were still home. "You boys get to sleep, stop fighting with your brother!" It made me feel better, lol.

    Milton, I will enjoy it but I still miss them tons.

    Anon, my boys are around the same ages. 10, 8 and 6 1/2. It is wayyyyy too quiet here.


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