Saturday, June 27, 2009

Latenight Key Lime Pie

A friend and I had a movie marathon last night, and about 2130 I had a sudden craving for Key Lime Pie. Well, Brigid at Home on the Range posted a blog awhile back that had an old-fashioned Key Lime and the idea stuck in my head. Last night I saw the graham crackers in my cabinet, my mind clicked, and thus a Key Lime Pie was born.

I didn't actually have a glass pie pan, so I had to go to the store, and on a whim also grabbed a couple more cans of milk. (I also ended up being suckered into making apple fritters for an old friend sometime in the next week, but that's another story) My friend made the graham cracker crust, and I went to work on the filling. I followed the Nelly and Joe's recipe, because you don't go screwing around with a good thing.

I ended up having to double the filling. Not sure why, but I put the filling in the shell and went "That looks odd. And really, really.... low". Since I doubled it, I added a couple extra minutes to the cooking time, and it worked out beautifully. I had some heavy cream left over from the vanilla cupcakes, so I made my own shipped cream instead of using cool whip or doing a meringue (not to mention I forgot and dumped the egg whites down the drain).


  1. I dote on key lime pie!

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