Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tear Gas and Twitter: Update

So following the Iran's Highest Leaders proclamation that the vote was "fair" and that "no one could fake 11 million votes", he promised the protesters that if they continued there would be consequences.

And wow, have their been consequences.

Protesters are getting word out through Twitter, Facebook, iReport and YouTube. A video of a young girl, whom unconfirmed reports are calling Neda (her name means 'the voice') who at 16 years of age, was attending a peaceful protest with her father. She was shot in the heart by the paramilitary police (whom I believe are civilians, like a sort-of militia maybe?) and her final moments were caught on tape and posted on several social sites. It's some of the first footage the confirms what thousand have been saying is happening.

Her death is being re-played worldwide, and maybe people are finally snapping into understanding what is happening. This kind of footage the Ahmadinejad Regime cannot brush under the carpet.


  1. Change your time to GMT +3:30 and your location to Tehran. Helps to keep the Iranian security apparatus off of the backs of people there who are trying to communicate.

  2. I'd have kept my daughter off the streets in times like those.


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